Adventure Man

Run through the forest and escape the dangers. Helicopter and submarine are all [...]


You got a magic power that taps on the screen to change the gravity. Collect jew [...]

Tap Tap Dash Online

You tap, the bird jumps. Double tap, the bird turns direction in the air, then i [...]

Pokemon Jump Jump

Pokemon have a new task this time, they need to jump and jump to avoid bad peopl [...]

Circle Online

Welcome to circle online, a challenging HTML 5 free game. Tap to control the cir [...]

Circle Online

Welcome to circle online, a challenging HTML 5 free game. Tap to control the cir [...]

Climber Online

Play a hot climbing game Climber Online. You need to control the stickman climbi [...]

Tap Skaters Online

Tap Skaters Online is a puzzle game. Step on your skateboard, start your journey [...]

Ninja Power Jump

Ninja has to climb his way home. On the way collect the yin-yang to earn points. [...]

Batman Runner

Your superhero Batman exclusive running game to exhilarate you! Come on guys Run [...]

Ninja Ladder War

Are you game skilled???? Checkout this arduous game its tough enough to finish o [...]


An excellent platform puzzle game with lots of smart levels to deal with. Use th [...]

Orange Cat Adventure

Travel through colorful game locations controlling funny Orange Cat!left/right a [...]

Miley and Her Magical Tortoise

Hi kids!!! Bored of playing vehicle riding games??? Check out this distinct ridi [...]

Meet The Queen

The Lover Prince wants to meet his queen. He can go to the next floor through th [...]

Demon Blast

Blast the minimum 3 demons in vertical or horizontal manner to earn score. Finis [...]

Little Hero Adventure

Hey kids!!! Check out this soaring game. Super hero waiting is for you! Help him [...]

Floating City

Hey friends!!! Here there is a trip for you to a floating city were everything w [...]

Escape Land of Pharaohs

You were sent on an archeology excavation to the Great Pyramid of Egypt. While p [...]

Firefox and Icefox

Firefox and icefox start their greate adventure in the field. Becareful that fir [...]
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